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Indoor Bouncy Castles & Inflatables

Hiring a bouncy castle for your party doesn't necessarily mean you need a large garden space or even having a garden at all! Many of our bouncy castles can be hired indoor at community centres, schools and halls. Indoor bouncy castle hire is just as safe as if it were outside and is in some cases a better idea since you are guaranteed that the weather is not going to affect our ability to set up.

When hiring a bouncy castle for outside use every bouncy castle company has strict regulations to abide by regarding wind speed and wet weather and in some cases hires have to be cancelled for safety, this simply does not happen with indoor bouncy castle hire, meaning your special day will go ahead as planned and without the worry of letting lots of children down.

Crown Castles Supply Bouncy Castles for indoor venues, at community centres and halls in Huntingdon, St Neots, Cambridge & Peterborough. We cannot set up a bouncy castle indoors at your home address! There are many community halls that allow bouncy castles inside as Indoor Bouncy Castle Parties have become very popular in recent years.

Indoor Bouncy Castles To Hire In Cambridge - Peterborough - Huntingdon

There are many halls and centres that allow bouncy castles inside their buildings and they are normally a very affordable option. They often have seating and tables and in some cases, a kitchen area, making it a perfect place to have a birthday party.

Most community centres should ask for details about the bouncy castle company to ensure that they are fully insured with tested bouncy castles and we can provide our bouncy castle test certificates along with proof of insurance and risk assessments to any centre that requires them. 

Hiring bouncy castles for indoor use still does not go without risk and installation of the inflatable still needs to be carried out in a safe manner in much the same way as if it were outside the only difference being, is that we do not have to use large steel pegs to secure it to the ground, instead, we use sandbags secured to each corner of the inflatable to stop it moving around. With the indoor bouncy castle being on a hard surface we also provide mats to be placed around the step of the inflatable for extra safety! Something which all bouncy castle companies are required to do for indoor hires.

Most bouncy castles hired out for indoors, generally, have their parties last for 2 - 3 hours and we can work with you and your times when booking the hall, ensuring that we can be fully set up before your guests start to arrive which should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

We can provide indoor bouncy castles to many halls across Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire & Northamptonshire, including Huntingdon, St Neots and Peterborough. Please always check with the venue that they allow bouncy castles inside their hall and that space is adequate, also checking the ceiling height. If you are ever unsure then you can contact us and we will be happy to help and advise.

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(Published By Crown Castles 31/01/2019)

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