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Delivery Policy
Delivery to the Huntingdon & St Neots area is free, including any towns within 12 miles of Kimbolton. The cost of delivering to a particular area outside of our free delivery will be sent to you upon booking or you can call us any time for a quote. If we are unable to provide your delivery due to adverse weather, vehicle failure, illness or any other factor, we will inform you of this at the earliest possible opportunity.

Delivery times can be requested during the booking process by filling out the 'extra information box'. Please ensure that there is adequate space for our products, that the location our products will be sited is accessible, and that you have cleared the area of mess and debris.

We will be unable to provide a refund if we cannot deliver your product due to a lack of space or accessibility or due to an inappropriate location and you may still be charged the total booking cost.

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