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Bouncy Castle Party

A Bouncy castle party has always been a popular choice for a children's birthday party or even just a fun day with the kids during the summer months and they have been a regular attraction at events and fayres all over the world.

Bouncy castle Parties have been going on for as long as many of us can remember and a lot of us will have fond memories of them as a child, but today's bouncy castles are worlds apart from the earliest of bouncy castles!

The first inflatable was constructed by John Scurlock in 1959 after being asked to create inflatable covers and did not resemble inflatables that we see today at bouncy castle parties, being just an inflatable bed with no walls.

He found his son's jumping on it and having a great time while doing it. This led him to create the first bouncy castle dome which has more resemblance to the castles we see today.

Unfortunately, back then there were no regulations surrounding the erection of bouncy castles and accidents did happen and children got hurt for obvious reasons, this is clear to see when you look at an image of the first bouncy castle but fortunately, today, bouncy castle manufactures need to abide by strict requirements when building any inflatable, from things like the Height of walls, depth of the inflatable, width of the step and the distance needed between the blower and the castle and to type of material used.

These requirements led to safer bouncy castles and a more enjoyable experience for all, but still, an inflatable is only as safe as the operator and improper setup of an inflatable, misguided use and poorly supervising children who use and improper maintenance can lead to just as serious accidents as a poorly made inflatable.

That is why bouncy castle operators now also need to abide by strict guidelines and laws when hiring out to customers and need to ensure that we have our inflatables tested annually by a qualified RPii Tester, we also need to ensure that everything is done in a safe and professional manner and although it is not a legal requirement many operators including Crown Castles do hold the correct public liability insurance too and are members of certain organisations where bouncy castle operators from all over the world can meet and discuss safety issues and getting valuable information from industry experts.

There are, however, still many cowboys out there who hire out dangerous, untested, bouncy castles, normally undercutting the legitimate companies. They can charge significantly lower prices as they have none of the overheads a legitimate company have, things like annual testing, repairs & insurance and more than likely they are not paying any tax, this small minority within the industry have been given the name 'the beer brigade' as they undercut companies sometimes hiring a bouncy castle for sometimes as little as £20 which will be their beer money for Friday night at the pub and most certainly will not be used to keep their equipment in good condition.

There is still a lot of good and trustworthy companies out there and Crown Castles is one of them trustworthy companies, we really care about your safety and it comes first before anything else.

Our customers know when booking their bouncy castle party with us that they're in safe hands and that we will go above and beyond where ever possible. We supply equipment for lots of bouncy castle parties across Cambridgeshire and offer our bouncy castles in Huntingdon, St Neots and Bedford as well as parts of Northamptonshire & Peterborough.

If you're looking at having a bouncy castle party in Cambridge, Huntingdon & St Neots, for your children, then remember that cheap is not always best and if someone is offering a bouncy castle at an extremely low price, think about what they might be skimping on and the dangers it may pose to your loved ones and even if you don't book with us or don't have something you're looking for then we will always still offer advice and guidance to anyone who contacts us and can point you in the right direction of other similar companies.
Want to book a Bouncy Castle party in St Neots, Huntingdon, Cambridge,  Cambridgeshire Peterborough and across Bedfordshire, then you can Contact Us here or by calling 01480581091 or 07495077542

With our Bouncy Castles, you know you will only be getting a safe bouncy castle that has been manufactured in the UK and to the highest standards.

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