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 Bouncy Castle Hire In Cambridge

The City Of Cambridge, home to the world-famous and prestigious, Cambridge University which was founded way back in 1209. Cambridge is one of our favourite delivery areas and there is a little history of Cambridge below.

If you can't wait and would like to book your bouncy castle, online, right away then please visit our bouncy castle products page here!

Cambridge was a busy trading center as far back as the Romans and Vikings and sites have been uncovered which even date back to the Bronze age!

During the 12th century, the first town charters were granted & in these medieval times had a weekly market. By the 13th century, it also had an annual fair, where people from across Europe would come to buy and sell. The river Cam made this possible and was why Cambridge flourished as transporting by water was cheaper and easier.

From the late 1500s the streets of Cambridge were cleaned, before this, they had been full of waste and rotten matter! However, this did not stop outbreaks of the plague, the worst being in 1630. By the 1700s the population was only around 6000 but was still a large population for a town back then. Adenbrooks hospital opened followed closely by the first bank in 1780!

By the 19th century, the population had almost doubled and the river cam was still used to transport goods into the town. The railway soon arrived, connecting Cambridge to London, stimulating industry growth. We even see the first modern police force introduced along with museums and the first water company providing fresh piped water! 

In the 21st century, Cambridge is still world famous having many museums, bridges and still holds the character which it did 100 years ago. Today the River cam through Cambridge is mainly used for punting tours and many restraints, and bars and shops fill the streets. Local businesses provide the city with their services and entertainment and one of these local companies is ours, Crown Castles!

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We supply bouncy castles for hire in Cambridge, along with surrounding towns and villages. Bouncy Castle Hire to much of Cambridge now has free delivery, as well as all towns between Kimbolton and Cambridge, some including, St Ives, Godmanchester & Bar Hill.

Click one of the links below if you are looking to hire bouncy castles in Cambridge! There are many children's bouncy castles to choose from, as well as adult castles, slides and fun food machines!

Bouncy Castles - Inflatable Slides - Fun Food Machines

Being based in Kimbolton, in the past we have unfortunately had to turn people down who were looking for bouncy castles to hire in and around the Cambridge area, since traveling to Cambridge with just one bouncy castle just did not make good business sense to us as the cost involved in having to make 4 trips was too much.

During quieter times we would still provide bouncy castles to Cambridge and this is how we have slowly but surely built up a bigger customer base here and we have had much more interest for our bouncy castles in Cambridge, so we can now justify offering free bouncy castles delivery to much more of the Cambridge area.

Since we now offer free bouncy castle delivery to Cambridge we can also offer our bouncy castles along the route to Cambridge, this includes most places close to the A14 from Huntingdon to Cambridge, some including, St Ives, Godmanchester, Fenstanton, Bar Hill and Hardwick.

Providing bouncy castles in Cambridge will not affect our local customers and we just need to plan our delivery journey a little better and where possible, completing our local jobs first then coming to Cambridge, normally during the late morning.

If for instance, you are hiring an indoor bouncy castle in Cambridge for an indoor venue which starts at a specific time then you can still let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Popular Bouncy Castles To Hire In Cambridge In 2019

Our brand new bouncy castle slide combo which is a bouncy castle with a slide and a built-in speaker and light system is now available and we hope it will bring smiles to many children in Cambridge. Also new in is our super slide, both these new inflatables come with a fitted disco speaker and light system to make it even more fun!

Already popular Bouncy Castles like our Disco Dome which is a bouncy castle and disco party all rolled into one, being low in height also makes it a great choice for indoor parties at a large indoor venue.

Our beautiful My Little Pony Bouncy Castle which we have had to, unfortunately, turn customers down for in Cambridge, as they were outside our delivery area, will now be available too.

And of course, not an inflatable but still as popular as ever our Ice Cold Slush Machine Hire in Cambridge, coming preloaded with slush and still at amazing prices!

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Some of the towns in and around Cambridgeshire where our bouncy castle hire is available include:

Cambridge, Bar Hill, Huntingdon, St Neots, Buckden, Alconbury, St Ives, Old Weston, Catworth, Tilbrook, Kimbolton, Perry, Grafham, Eaton Socon, Great Gransden, Yelling, Little Paxton, Brampton, Godmanchester.

We don't just offer bouncy castle hire to Cambridge but also have fun food hire which has been very popular in the Cambridge area, these include our Slush Machine Hire and Popcorn Machine.

We Keep going even when summer ends, right through winter delivering bouncy castles to indoor venues across the Cambridge area!

We are a reputable bouncy castle hire company, always putting your safety first and now we are offering our bouncy castle hire in Cambridge it puts a smile on our face, just like we hope it will yours!


Children’s Bouncy Castles is an obvious start! However, we do also have bouncy castles which are suitable for adults too! So you can let your inner child come out and have as much fun as the kids do. Bouncy castle party, children's birthday party, family get-togethers and events, you name it and we will be there.

We don’t just provide bouncy castles rental in Huntingdon, but also offer our bouncy castles in St Neots, and now in Cambridge too!

We offer free local delivery from Kimbolton which includes both our St Neots & Huntingdon areas and now with parts of Cambridge too, use our postcode checker to see if we cover your area.

Some of the towns other than Huntingdon & St Neots that we offer free delivery to include, Bar Hill, St Ives, Eaton Socon, Rushden, Raunds, Thrapston, Sawtry, Brampton...

Indoor Bouncy Castles:  Our bouncy castles are suitable for indoor use as well as outdoor, just make sure to check that your indoor venue is suitably large enough being sure to check the ceiling height too. Most indoor venues can accommodate our bouncy castles, however, some smaller village halls may not be suitable. If you are unsure please contact us with the detail of the hall and we can find out for you. Our small bouncy castle is 12ft x 12ft and requires a space of 20ft x 20ft 12ft(height) This small bouncy castle will fit into most halls.

Slush Machine hire: Slush Machine Rental in Cambridgeshire is also available for your event or even alongside your bouncy castle booking! Coming complete with cups, lids & straws and fully loaded with strawberry and raspberry slush, starting from only £110 which is a fantastic price for our top quality Professional slush puppy machine. Our customers have given us some excellent feedback on our slush which tastes terrific. Our ice-cold Eskimo Joe's Slush machine hire in Cambridge and is also available in Huntingdon, St Neots, and into parts of the Bedford (MK44) area, which all have free delivery. The machine will be ready to serve slush within one hour of our arrival! Click Here To Book Now Or Read More About OurProfessional Slush Machine Hire.

Popcorn Machine Hire: We can also provide our Popcorn Machine/Maker, with an 8oz kettle this fantastic machine will start popping Kernels within a few minutes filling the air with its sweet smelling aroma! It's a perfect bouncy castle party add-on or just a quirky stand-alone hire for your party or event. Also available across Cambridge, Bedfordshire and parts of Northamptonshire.


Published By Crown Castles - 25/01/2019 

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